Dancer’s Luck
  • Elizabeth Lowell
  • Published By: Pinnacle Books
  • First published 1983 Dancer Series #2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0786002078

Dancer’s Luck


a forgotten place at the very edge of the galaxy, a dying planet where people lived by luck alone. This was the number-one stop for Rheba, the Senyas fire dancer, and Kirtn, her Bre’n mentor, as they sought to fulfill their promise to return a whole shipload of ex-slaves to the widely scattered worlds they called home.

Twice Rheba and Kirtn had achieved the impossible — first surviving their own home system’s fiery doom, then escaping the lair of the evil Loo-chim, bringing with them the odd assortment of beings who were now their shipmates. Having blasted free of the Loo-chim, Rheba and Kirtn assumed the worst was over. Then they landed on Daemen….”


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