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And for the first time in a very long time, I’m adding “science fiction author” to my resume. True that the books were listed, and longtime fans knew well about my career in science fiction before I started writing romance and romantic suspense novels. But those books have been out of print for some time and haven’t been available in any legitimate e-book form.

That, however, is about to change.

Starting with the FIRE DANCER series on November 10th, I’ll be bringing my science fiction backlist into print. All of the stories take place in the same universe, though over various and multiple worlds, some connected directly and some not. FIRE DANCER, which was in print in the early eighties was one of my most popular works, and I still field fanmail about it to this day, mostly “When are you writing more of these?” I can’t promise new books, but at least you’ll be able to read these without having to track them down at used bookstores or Ebay or Amazon backlist and prayer.



The books have all-new covers by artist Alex Sheikman (with Joel Chua on colors) and are as they went out to press back many years ago, with some minor corrections for continuity and congruency. Given that my works back then were printed by different publishers, it wasn’t always easy to link things directly.

More on this later. But I can show you the cover for the first book at least.

November 10th will bring us the re-release of FIRE DANCER, with other titles coming out on something around a seasonal schedule, so 2021 will see DANCER’S LUCK, DANCER’S ILLUSION and TIMESHADOW RIDER (which is a tangential sequel of sorts to the DANCER books) and possibly one other.


More information follows the new cover art.

Fire Dancer
Art by Alex Sheikman and Joel Chua

Elizabeth Lowell’s Concord universe imagines worlds populated by dead gods and beguiling traces of a formerly-ascendant interstellar civilization now withdrawn for its own survival, as well as a coalition of planets and cultures bound together in uneasy political compromises, ones that can grind up individuals, or force them to fight for themselves. All this across a backdrop of cosmic mysteries,  shattering powers and star-crossed loves.

These new editions feature cover art by Alex Sheikman and color art by Jeff Chua.

More on the FIRE DANCER page.


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