Blue Smoke and Murder
  • Elizabeth Lowell
  • Published By: HarperCollins
  • First published 2008 A St. Kilda Novel #3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0060829865

Blue Smoke and Murder

Jill Breck was just doing her job as a river guide when she saved the life of Lane Faroe, son of two of St. Kilda’s Consulting’s premier operators. But when a string of ominous events—including a mysterious fire that kills her aunt and a furor in the Western art world raised by a dozen Breck family paintings—culminate in a threat to her life, Jill reluctantly calls in a favor.

Zach Balfour works part-time as a consultant for St. Kilda. His expertise is gathering and analyzing information from unlikely and often dangerous sources. Though he’s got the skills to be a highly effective bodyguard, being a bullet catcher isn’t his preferred way to spend time.

Protecting Jill will take him into familiar territory—among a strange, savagely competitive bunch of collectors who’ll do anything to stay at the top. But Jill is in deeper waters than she’s ever known; as she soon discovers, the perils of running wild rivers are tame compared to the hidden dangers in the high-stakes game of art collecting.

From the cozy rooms of the Breck homestead cabin to the cold multi-million dollar galleries of the Western art circuit, Zach and Jill must race against time to unmask a ruthless killer hidden in a blue smoke of money, threats, lies, and death . . .

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