Elizabeth Lowell September 4, 2015

Perfect Touch Reviews

Collecting some of the reviews for PERFECT TOUCH, just in case you might still be on the fence about the book.


But will the double murder on the ranch that sends them alternately racing to unmask a cold-blooded killer and running for their lives shine a light on what’s truly important in this relationship?

The Perfect Touch serves up a classic romantic suspense with the trademark thrills, chills and passion Elizabeth Lowell’s many readers adore and have come to expect.

Susan Andersen – Book Page


Elizabeth Lowell sets up another of her well-plotted scenarios that will keep you guessing throughout her newest blockbuster, PERFECT TOUCH. Reading through the long list of stories by a truly talented author is like revisiting old friends. Fans of Elizabeth Lowell all have their favorites and I am quite certain PERFECT TOUCH will wind up on many of those lists. It’s a must read for this summer and a welcome addition to Elizabeth Lowell’s romantic suspense bookshelf.

Fresh Fiction


Ms. Lowell created an excellent romantic suspense novel that had a little something for everyone. For romance, we’ve got former soldier Jay and art specialist Sara getting to know one another with a series of phone calls, only to realize they were laying the groundwork for a romantic and epic relationship tighter than a lot of MC’s out there.

The Romance Reviews


This is romantic suspense written as it should be. Mystery, suspense, action, thrills, and of course romance, this one has it all, and the author does a great job of giving this story the perfect blend of all these elements, resulting a fantastic read.

Clue Review


…the feel of this story could have been set at any time in the 20th Century as well as in the past fifteen years. I think it was one of the reasons I was so fascinated by it. A modern story, yet with a feel of the old west with on the trail action. With murder, mayhem, theft, helicopter attacks, a bit of PTSD, some steamy sex action, and a heroine who can ride as well as any man and isn’t afraid to use a weapon, PERFECT TOUCH by Elizabeth Lowell gave me everything I want in a romantic suspense and more. I didn’t want it to end.

Unwrapping Romance


Make sure you take a deep breath before you start this book and put your phone on silent because from the very first chapter this book will grab you and not let you go until read the final word. This story has everything you love including suspense, mystery, romance, and of course a hot rancher doesn’t hurt! I loved how Ms. Lowell keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. You will find yourself sucked into the story and taken along for the ride. There are no flaws in this story. The plot and the characters are woven together so effortlessly, but some across as so very real. This belongs on your TBR and then once you read it, read it again!

Southern Yankee Book Reviews


Missing artwork and murder up the tension in Lowell’s newest romantic thriller. An inheritance battle over a Wyoming ranch and valuable paintings bring ex-soldier-turned-rancher Jay Vermillion and art dealer Sara Medina together. As with all Lowell novels, there are ample quantities of romance, passion and danger, which is why she is a queen of the romantic suspense genre! Terrific as always!

RT Book Reviews – Jill M. Smith


Lowell is able to create a strong hero in Jay Vermillion, without diminishing the strength of the heroine, Sarah Maddox.  That’s not always easy to do and something I look for in romantic fiction.  The days of a woman being “rescued” are long gone and I want to see a heroine that is every bit as smart and strong as her male counterpart.  Romantic fiction can also tend to be predictable, but Lowell throws in enough surprises and is a pro at building suspense.  In “Perfect Touch” you think you know who the villain is, but be prepared for some interesting twists!

Kelly’s Lucky You


It gets you excited on the mystery and hooked on the chemistry between the characters. While I love the broken and darker heroes, every now and then, I always go for these types of contemporary romance novels because they’re not bleak and hopeless.

Sultry, Steamy Reading


This polished and engaging tale of romantic suspense is enhanced by best-selling veteran author Lowell’s venture into the high-stakes art world.



Lowell did her trademark work with this book, drawing her characters with a fine brush and meshing these two very diverse individuals in a perfect montage of intense attraction and romance.  A fine edge of intrigue around these paintings, the artist, and the family members coveting the work, just adds to the delicious complexity of the novel.  Not to be missed!

Jeri Neal – The Romance Reader’s Connection


Greed and betrayal add to the suspense mix and you end up with another top-notch story by long-time favorite author, Elizabeth Lowell. This one is a winner!

The Many Faces of Romance


 As always, author Elizabeth Lowell manages to blend the two genres with ease to produce a good story with characters you will love to hate, along with a few unexpected surprises. I sure didn’t see the dicey ending coming. A good read.

Mary Ann Smyth – Bookloons.com


I love Ms. Lowell’s mix of suspense and romance in this book. There is plenty of both spicy and scary action, enough to keep you turning the pages pretty quickly.  A great summer read!

I Mainline Fiction – Sharon Redfern


Perfect Touch is an entertaining thrill-ride of a mystery with strong complex characters and well-written story line.  I enjoyed every minute of this book and I couldn’t help but love Sara and Jay together as a couple.  Ms. Lowell is a new author to me and I’m looking forward to seeing what great story she will come up with next.

Moonlight Rendezvous


While this may be my first Elizabeth Lowell, it will not be my last.

Southern Book Nerd


The pace is just perfect and I found myself quickly turning pages to discover what would happen next.

Queen of the Night Book Reviews