Too Hot to Handle
  • Elizabeth Lowell
  • Published By: Mira
  • First published 1986 Silhouette Desire #319
  • ISBN-13: 978-1551662671

Too Hot to Handle

Tory Wells arrived at Sundance Ranch with only a battered suitcase and a letter from a friend that promised employment. Recovering from knee surgery, Tory desperately needed this job. And Ethan Reever was her only hope.

But Reever wasted no time in telling Tory he wanted nothing to do with some city-bred stranger. In his opinion, a woman like Tory knew nothing about ranch life, and he’d decided long ago that he had no use for pretty, useless women. Especially one who looked at him as innocently as Tory did—no matter how much he desired her…

Tory knew one thing for certain. Determined to show him she could make it on her own, she vowed never to ask Reever for anything ever again. Not a job. Not money. And definitely not his love.
(originally published as Silhouette Desire #319 – 1986)

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